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Would you like more than 10 minutes with your doctor?

When you need to be seen, would you like to see your doctor?

When you have a question, would you like to talk to your doctor in real time?

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Our clinic at Seacoast Direct Primary Care, is dedicated to serving you, our patient. Seacoast Direct Primary Care is not paid by insurance companies for codes and data. We are paid by you, and so our goals are the same as your goals: fewer medications, easy access to your doctor via email, phone or text, and streamlined, unhurried patient visits.


The average primary care doctor has a panel of 2000-3000 patients. Patients need to be seen in 10-15 minute intervals, with a large part of the visit focused on completing the Electronic Health record. At Seacoast Direct Primary Care, Dr. Carter’s panel is 200-300. With this reduced panel, Dr. Carter is able to really get to know you in your entirety. She can spend the time you and her both need to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan, and understanding of your health goals. When you call, Dr. Carter knows who you are, and how to treat you. Sometimes, care can be given over the phone. If not, Dr. Carter is able to see you the same day or next day. When you are at the office, you are guaranteed to see Dr. Carter herself.

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With a small monthly membership, you are able to become part of the medical home at Seacoast Direct Primary Care. You are at the heart of your health. With the help of Dr. Carter, you will be able to identify your health goals and work towards optimizing those goals. Your monthly fee covers unlimited office visits and direct access to Dr. Carter.  

Member Benefits:

  • Complete physical wellness assessment, an EKG, and complete review of your medications and supplements.

  • Same day and next-day appointments.

  • Extended visits, up to an hour.

  • A focused individualized health plan.

  • Secure access to your doctor by phone, email, and patient portal.

  • Opportunity for reduced lab costs.


Interested in learning more? Schedule a free meet & greet appointment today.

Contact Dr. Carter here

Services & Pricing

Our services include – at no extra charge – all your office visits, timely communication, and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, and preventative care. 

 What services are not covered at Seacoast Direct Primary Care?

  • Dr. Carter does not offer chronic pain management.

  • Dr. Carter does not do disability certifications. 

  • If you are hospitalized, Dr. Carter will help coordinate care, but she does not take care of patients in the hospital. This care is directed by Hospitalists, doctors specialized in hospital care and management.

*new prices beginning December 1, 2022*

age 18-29

$165 / month

age 30-69

$185 / month

age 70+

$265 / month

New Patient

$350 one-time enrollment fee

House Calls

$200 / visit

Membership fees are automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account so you do not need to worry about monthly statements.


Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy
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Medicare & Insurance Questions

Seacoast DPC does not accept insurance, including Medicare. Having insurance is still likely a good idea, for catastrophic purposes. Consider a low premium, high deductible insurance plan. Seacoast Direct Primary Care is not insurance. You can submit specialist visits, laboratory charges, and imaging, to insurance. For Medicare participants,  you cannot submit your monthly bill to Medicare for reimbursement. If you have a Health Savings Account through work, you can use this to pay for your monthly membership.

About Dr. Carter

About Dr. Carter

Dr. Jennifer Carter

Dr. Jennifer Carter grew up in Lexington Massachusetts. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Virginia in 1999. Following this, Dr. Carter attended Tufts Medical School where she received her medical degree. Following medical school, Dr. Carter completed her internship and residency training at Maine Medical Center in Portland Maine. After graduating from residency, Dr. Carter worked as a hospitalist for two years at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. Following this, she worked as a primary care doctor for Portsmouth Internal Medicine Associates in Portsmouth NH. Dr. Carter left her primary care practice after seven years, pursuing a position at Teladoc Health where she provides second opinions to patients throughout the United States and serves in a leadership role. Throughout her time at Teladoc Health, Dr. Carter has maintained per diem clinical status at Core Physicians. Dr. Carter is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Carter is married to Dr. William "Tripp" Carter, an Emergency Room physician. She has three children, and lives in the Seacoast area. In her free time she enjoys hiking, any and all activities (!) and spending time with her family and friends. Dr. Carter also spends a lot of time doing advocacy work for the rare disease Hunter Syndrome. She is President of Action for Aidan, a non-profit created to cure Hunter Syndrome.

Dr. Carter is excited to practice in the Direct Primary Care Model. She looks forward to creating, maintaining, and growing deep and lasting doctor patient relationships in the years to come.


Seacoast Direct Primary Care Staff


Brenda Kiberd

Brenda is a nurse at Seacoast Direct Primary Care. She is also the Oncology Clinical Research RN at York Hospital. 


Lori Rocha

Lori is an Occupational therapist by trade. She joined Seacoast Direct Primary Care in 2021.


Pamela Nesbitt

Pamela has been a certified medical assistant for 13 years. She has a Bachelors in psychology, and just recently obtained her phlebotomy certificate. She had the pleasure of working with Dr. Carter 10 years ago in Internal medicine as her Medical Assistant. She is thrilled to be back with her working in an environment that puts the patient first. She is also the founder of Lifebridge Care Services which focuses on patient advocacy and assisting people to maintain their independence.

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